The Prosper Foundation is excited to bring you a three part webinar series titled, "8 Things Marketers Need to Know about China's Digital Generation." Dr. Don Schultz, the "Father of Integrated Marketing" and Heidi Schultz, both experts on Chinese consumers, step you through eight essential points every international marketer should know about China's Most Coveted Consumer Group—the Chinese Digital Generation.

  • Why focus on the Digital Generation?
  • Demographics paint the picture of an evolving market,
    including educational achievements, occupations, income by tiers
  • When and where this generation is willing to spend and splurge
  • What is “FACE”? Hint – it’s very important to young Chinese.

  • Saving vs. spending is shaped by old vs. new ways
  • Favorite leisure time activities
  • Approach to buying apparel
  • Heavily research products prior to purchase
  • Online purchasing behavior

  • How media is used and influences purchases
  • Common misperceptions
  • Fast food restaurants of choice, reasons why
  • Country of origin preferences – 5 product categories
  • Why China’s Digital Generation is influencing markets around the World
Don Schultz's interview on Thoughtful China...

Heidi Schultz, Martin Block and Don Schultz (AKA the "Father of Integrated Marketing") have teamed up to author a comprehensive book on China's Most Coveted Consumer Group—the Chinese Digital Generation. Drawing on the ProsperChina InsightCenter™, this book presents a clear, practical view of how young Chinese consumers act, shop, and plan today and how they will likely do so in the future. This is a must-read for executives managing marketing and communication programs in the world's most challenging and complicated market.

A Marketer's Guide to Understanding Young Chinese Consumers

What they are saying:

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