Throwback Thursday: Big Data & Analytics Edition


12.19.2016: CMO Or SCHMO? Clinging To Old Marketing Models May Be Hurting Rather Than Helping Drive Growth
Perhaps it's the simple job description of the CMO that is outdated or maybe the complexities of today's marketplace are too much for any one person to deal with. Whatever it may be, it seems like the CMO position may be at a crossroad whereby it either needs to be redefined or eliminated.
05.07.2015: The Silent Killer Of Corporate Profits: Ad Waste
All of the items below are from recent headlines or research reports and they depict the turmoil and turbulence in today's advertising world caused when advertisers attempt to deal with a new technology-driven media environment.
09.11.2014: Big Data's New Power Quadrant For Executive Evidence-Based Decision Making
Not all things worth doing are worth doing well. For many this is a heresy that violates the old maxim, "if it is worth doing it is worth doing well." However, in today's digitally disrupted world the pace of change is so fast that not all decisions can be given the amount of time to do them well.
06.17.2014: Big Data And The Madness Of Crowds
In his 1841 book Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, Charles Mackay wrote of the crowd psychology that drive numerous "National Delusions," Peculiar Follies," and "Psychological Delusions." Among the various manias were the tulip bubble of the early 17th century, witch mania of the 16th and 17th centuries and alchemists who sought to turn base medals into gold.
05.29.2014: David Vs. Goliath: Why Little Data Will Win Over Big Data
In the Bible, David a young man, probably a teenager, defeated the nine-foot Philistine named Goliath with a sling and a pouch full of stones. Until David came forward, King Saul and the Israelite army had been taunted and intimidated by Goliath for 40 days. Today many organizations are overwhelmed by the prospect of taking on the challenge of the giant stream of digital data (big data) from the online world. Like the giant Goliath, big data can taunt and intimidate those who come forward to engage it.
05.15.2014: I've Got A Secret: The Real Big Data Opportunity
When I was younger I enjoyed watching a television show called I've Got a Secret. The premise of the show was to have celebrity panel members guess the identity, occupation or accomplishment of a guest by asking a series of questions. The guests would oftentimes attempt to mislead or confuse the panelists with less than accurate responses in order to not divulge their "secret." It's time to start uncovering the real secret behind big data, its ultimate promise and the most valuable application for businesses.
05.05.2014: Is Mass Hysteria Driving The Big Data Market?
In psychology it is called mass hysteria, a condition affecting a group of persons characterized by excitement or anxiety, irrational behavior or beliefs, and may also include inexplicable symptoms of illness. One could make the case that this defines the big data world today. Virtually unheard of before the Great Recession began in 2008, big data mania has spread throughout the business universe like a post-recession wildfire.
04.23.2014: Three Legs Of Big Data Stool Needed For Success
Success in the big data world is far more than what many of the software and hardware vendors would have you believe. Simply buying software does not qualify as being in the big data world. It may only mean that considerable corporate resources have been expended with the hope of doing something productive with large datasets, usually resulting from the digital explosion. Unfortunately, many who choose to engage in big data will eventually fail to successfully exploit it. However, corporate politics will preclude many from admitting failure.
03.26.2014: Is Big Data Today's Sock Puppet?
Recently I overheard someone say, "If I get one more email or see another self-serving article or conference extolling all the unbelievable ways digital surveillance (AKA big data) can be used to solve just about every problem known to modern man, I think I'll lose my mind." Count me in on this feeling.
03.11.2014: Going Beyond Big Data To Knowledge
"Ipsa scientia potestas est" ("knowledge itself is power"), Sir Francis Bacon

Don't believe the big data hype

Over the last month, I have written about all the hype surrounding big data including how it equals a big headache for executives and how the promise of big data bypasses the C-Suite. This final installment deals with the pending big data disillusionment which may result from the hype and failure of big data to deliver meaningful, strategic solutions for senior level executives.
02.25.2014: Big Data Bypasses C-Suite
Everywhere you turn today it seems like someone is hawking something to do with big data--today's corporate "must-have." It seems that all the buzz and hype usually gets down to some very tactical application/outcome which sounds an awful lot like the "must have" of the 1990's... CRM. Perhaps big data is the son of CRM, enhanced to accommodate new data streams from the Internet world.
01.16.2014: BIG Data Equals BIG Headache For Executives
In 2014, the lure of big data solutions will catch many executives in a maze of both useful and useless data, and the result will be a big disappointment if they don't have the right strategy.

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